Cloud Services

Taking Care of your data, So That You Take Care of Your Home


Cloud computing is a relatively new technology, and while it’s been around for a few years now, it’s only recently started developing into the mainstream concepts as we know today.


That’s why it’s so important to consider all your options when choosing a suitable cloud storage solution for your home.


Cloud storage is a key part of the modern home. We will guide you through the different types of cloud storage and how to choose the right one for your home.

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Cloud Services

Cloud Solutions For Your Home

It’s important to store data safely and securely, which is more vital than ever in today’s fast-paced, high-tech world.

There is no doubt that cloud computing services are the future, but with data stored in so many places, how do you ensure it’s safe and secure?

In the cloud, our cloud computing technologies can help you to gather and store all your valuable home photos and data in a central place that is easy to access and safe from theft and loss.

Our team will help you store your data safely and securely in a cloud environment to allow safe and secure storage, saving you money, time, and energy.

You can rest easy knowing that your data is stored in the cloud, where it is protected from hackers and other people who want to steal your information.

Cloud Services

Public or Private Cloud For My Data?

Cloud Services

Ativo will recommend a bespoke solution for your home needs fit for your needs and your requirements, either a public cloud data storage solution like OneDrive, or a private cloud data solution like a Synology NAS to backup, store and keep all your prized valued family data in a safe and secure environment.

With a strong focus on secure solutions, our team will recommend and guide you on utilizing the most cost-efficient data storage solution for your home needs.

No more worrying about losing your data ever again!

Benefits of Cloud

Cloud Services

Increased reliability.

Cloud Services

Increased performance.

Cloud Services

Reduced cost on Capex.

Cloud Services

Increased speed on workloads.