7 Benefits of Secure & Reliable Network Connectivity

Reliable Network Connectivity

1. A secure network avoids website vandalism

A secure network makes it harder for potential vandals to gain admin access to your website. Network security measures such as two-factor authentication, strong encryption and other tools are measures IT-savvy experts can help you set up.

2. You keep your customers’ data secure

As more of our daily lives have shifted online, there have been increasing concerns about data safety and privacy, particularly amongst consumers. Data protection laws such as GDPA in the EU and POPI in South Africa put strict requirements on data protection for businesses. A secure network is another layer of protection that will help to keep confidential information secure.

3. Reliable networks avoid connectivity interruption

A prolonged disruption in connectivity may have a negative impact, both financially and in customer trust. A reliable network may include website monitoring and other IT security features for minimising any possibility of interruption of service. The end result is ‘always-on’ service that adds to your business’ credibility.

4. Secure IT anticipates and prevents security breaches

Mitigating business connectivity and security risks requires proactive strategy. A secure network that incorporates active monitoring and reporting on attempted security breaches and other threats helps you to anticipate and prevent security breaches. IT-savvy experts are able to help you fortify your networks with the latest security measures to ensure you have multi-layer protection.

5. A strong IT system avoids revenue loss

The business connectivity issue every business owner is anxious about is revenue loss. When downtime could mean downturn in profits, it’s crucial to have a reliable network. When your network uses the latest hardware, software and cloud-based technology strategically, you reap the rewards of business running smoothly.

6. Secure networks protect proprietary information

When you have a valuable business network, it’s not only customer data you need to keep safe. Proprietary information that is valuable to your business is valuable to your business (just look at the lengths big companies go to in order to limit hackers’ leaks).

A secure network helps to avoid not only losing proprietary, top-secret information but also helps to avoid the legal expenses that come with clawing stolen proprietary information back.

7. Secure systems maintain access control

Business connectivity requires that workers within your team who need access to important data can get the data they need, anytime. Yet this access needs to be controlled correctly in order to ensure that access measures are not lax.

A secure network incorporating strong passwords and the best security software will help you maintain strict, safe access control so the right people can see the right information at the right time.