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Securing your business and personal environment is crucial in today’s digital age. Firewalls act as a barrier between your trusted network and the public internet, providing advanced security capabilities to keep your data and systems safe. At Ativo ICT, we use Sophos Firewall Products to ensure complete security for our clients.


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Sophos Firewalls offer a range of security protocols including:

⦁ Secure IPSec and SSL VPN
⦁ Web Filtering
⦁ Data Prioritisation
⦁ Application Layer protection.

These features work together to provide Next-Generation Security, making it one of the best firewall products available.

Not only do we use Sophos Firewall products for our business and corporate clients, but they also allow home users to access their full stack firewall products for free. Protect your home environment today with firewall features from a Sophos Next Generation Firewall Product. Watch our video to learn more about how Sophos can protect your network:

Aside from a business and corporate environment, Sophos allow home users to use their full stack firewall products for free. Protect your environment today with firwall features from a Sophos Next Generation Firewall Product.

Frequently Asked Questions:

If I implement a firewall, will it stop our employees from visiting social media websites?
Our Firewalls are able to stop individual users from visiting any site. The Firewall can also allow specific employees access to certain websites, or even dedicated categories of websites, while blocking others; an example would be marketing users being allowed to social media, while accounts employees being blocked from social media.
Can the Firewall help improve our general internet speeds?
It certainly can. We can configure the Firewall to guarantee internet priority to critical services like VoIP and Web Conferencing like Zoom and Teams meetings, while throttling non-business applications like social media and windows updates to a small percentage of available bandwidth.
What type of information can I obtain from the Firewall?
The Firewall provides a wealth of information. The reports are able to show the following data for management:

⦁ Websites or categories of websites employees visited and how much data was used on the websites.
⦁ Threats originating from outside the network that are being blocked by the firewall.
⦁ Reports on blocked threats originating from within the network.
⦁ Authentication reports from employees connecting to the network and much more.

Are these hardware or software Firewalls?
The Firewall devices provided by Ativo for small office, business and corporate environement are hardware based firewalls.
Do I need any other bundled service with a Firewall?
The only service required is a licence to enable the Firewall’s protection features, no other solution is required except a working internet connection to connect to the internet.
How to choose the right firewall for my business environment?
Choosing the right firewall for your business environment depends on your specific needs and the size of your network. You should consider factors such as the number of users, the types of devices and applications used, and your budget. It is best to consult with a security expert before making a decision.