Get Connected & Stay Connected


Secure & reliable network connectivity is crucial for productive collaboration. Web browsing, emails, cloud applications and even VoIP depends on a stable and secure network connection.

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From Business Fibre to wireless links that are business-grade, we provide you with the connectivity solutions needed to get & stay connected.

Whether it be a single office that requires internet, to multiple branches countrywide that need a secure and reliable connection to on-site or cloud resources, Ativo ICT is able to assist. We leverage our business connectivity partners to provide you with a stable cost-efficient connectivity solution.

WiFi that works for your business

The mobile revolution has transformed the way businesses communicate for the better. You’re no longer bound by wired connections, and you can connect on the move regardless of the size or type of your company. Allow your customers and employees to connect their smart devices on your business premises with safe, wireless access.


Our smart WiFi solutions include:

  • Business Fibre
  • Wireless Links with Fibre Backbone
  • LTE
  •  and more.


Whatever your requirements are, we’ll match them to the appropriate technologies, ensuring future-proof solutions.

Capped and uncapped corporate options to keep your company connected. For all of our products, we also provide attractive add-ons such as Voice, Cloud Communication & Collaboration tools, and security.


Our network infrastructure solutions include:


⦁ Routers
⦁ Switches
⦁ Access Points
⦁ MESH systems
⦁ Cabling
⦁ Patch Panels
⦁ Network endpoints
⦁ Firewalls
⦁ and more.