Assurance & Backup

You'll Never Have To Worry About Your Data Ever Again!


Backup Data Storage Made in easy in 3-2-1.
Best practices recommend;
3 Copies of your data
2 Separate devices
1 Always off-site
The concept is simple, but is your data safe?
We take the hassle out of backup solutions and present only simple solutions that work.

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Assurance & Backup

Server Backup

A server is complicated, but backing it up doesn’t need to be. You can now get powerful data protection with a simple solution from Ativo with options of either Cloud or on-site backups.

Business Assurance

Computer Backup

Assurance & Backup

Easily protect your business data through a centrally managed admin portal.

Unlimited, secured, off-site backup for your business. Retained versions for one year or forever.

Backups are critically important in the recovery of systems and in the retrieval of data when things go wrong.

An essential lesson in backup management is to ensure the backups are frequent and complete, and that the recovery process works.

Backup procedures need to be regularly tested, as failures during an incident may cause you to lose the data you thought was safe.

Backup of Cloud Data

Your data is in the cloud, great. How do you ensure that the data is safe and backed up securely?

Our team will recommend and implement solutions for your business ensuring that you don’t lose any further productivity from faulty backups.

Our team will recommend and implement backup solutions that are right for your environment, whether it is a fully hosted cloud solution or as easy as OneDrive keeping data secure.

Business Assurance