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Traditional copper communication systems relied on expensive in-house PABX systems that require uptime to keep calls coming in, migrating to a hosted communication solution from Ativo will ensure that even when the power is off, incoming calls are not lost to affect business.

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What benefits are available for migrating
your telephony to a hosted cloud communication?

  •  Keep Your Existing Number.
  • Setup is simple and inexpensive.
  • Get a Handle on Your Phone Bill.
  •  Scales with your business.
  •  Boosted Reliability.
  • Mobile App for on the go communication on your voice extension.
  • Lower call rates compared to traditional telephone systems.
  • Pay only for the extensions you need, and no the telephone numbers.

What are the requirements for VoIP?

#1 Stable Internet Connectivity (Fibre recommended)

Fibre, wireless, LTE and ADSL are able to run VoIP, but a low-latency broadband connection would be recommeded for high-quality stable VoIP communication. Our team will guide, assist and configure the connectivity solution available to ensure an optimised VoIP experience.
Our team will also recommend a solution for your premises to ensure that the correct solution is implemented.

#2 VoIP device

VoIP can be accessed through your phone, computer, or specialized VoIP devices (e.g. desk phones, cordless DECT phones etc.). We recommend utilizing your dedicated VoIP gear in conjunction with softphone programs for smartphones and Webphone for laptops to get the most out of VoI


We recognize how important
telecommunication services are to businesses.


In general, poor voice quality and downtime can be quite costly to businesses. Similarly, having the lowest call rates is useless if you can’t connect with your clients due to poor call quality or downtime.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How will VoIP benefit my business?

Microsoft’s Office 365 products are secure when configured correctly, basic security such as 2-factor authentication and randomly generated passwords help to ensure that your services remain secure.

Can VoIP replace traditional phone lines?

Yes, VoIP is a direct drop-in replacement for phone lines for business. It allows communication through the internet. VoIP removes the need to have a dedicated PABX system in your office as the PABX is cloud hosted.

How does VoIP work?

VoIP works by converting analog audio signals into digital data that can be transmitted over the internet. This allows for voice communication to be made and received through internet-enabled devices such as computers, smartphones, and VoIP phone systems.

Is VoIP Secure?

VoIP can be secure, but it’s important to have a good security strategy in place to protect against potential threats. Managed IT services providers such as Ativo ICT can help ensure the security of your VoIP system.