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Ativo ICT is always on the lookout for top talent. If you have the necessary skills, aptitudes, and abilities, fill out the below and get in contact with us. Remember, we are assessing your understanding and knowledge and don’t want Googled answers (Yes, they are obvious).

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    Why are you applying at Ativo ICT for a position?

    Are you currently working, if so, what is your current position and how long have you been with your current company?
    What is your current cost to company?
    Why would you use a VPN for a business environment?
    Explain the steps you would take to improve the performance on a computer?
    List 3 steps that you could take to determine a slow internet connection and list the outcomes of what your findings indicate
    Why would you recommend Office 365 over POP or IMAP to a client?

    In your opinion, what steps would you take to complete maintenance on a Windows computer?
    What qualities do you think you possess that make you an asset to any organisation?
    What is a firewall, and list in your opinion 5 advantages of why you would recommend one to a client?
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