Email Security Protection

Secure Email protection for the business environment.


Ativo offers professional email security solutions that help businesses operate effectively. With our expertise, your email communication will remain, effective, secure, and with less junk to sort through making it an essential tool for your business.


Get started with Email Gateway Protection
Email Security Protection

Trust Ativo to keep your email system less cluttered and operating smoothly.

Our Secure email solutions do the following:

  • Block unsolicited marketing emails.
  • Block emails the first time, and prevent future attempts to make it to your inbox.
  •  Block Malware.
  • Block Viruses.
  • Prevent Phishing attempts from reaching your inbox and attempting to steal your data.
  •  Configure custom DLP protection to prevent confidential data from leaving your organisation.
  • Enable full reporting on your email habits for your entire organisation.
computer IT service
computer IT service
A secure email gateway solution should free up your time and inbox from clutter and allow you to focus on the important emails that matter.

Our email protection solutions seemlessly integrate onto existing email infrastructure including Office 365, Hosted Exchange, Gmail and more.

An email gateway is a Hosted Solution that sits between your email server and the internet, screening incoming and outgoing emails for unwanted and malicious content and blocking it before it hits the user’ inbox. It uses a variety of techniques, such as filtering, virus scanning, and reputation analysis, to identify and block threats before they reach your network.

Six reasons to protect your
emails with email gateway protection

Boost your productivity and safeguard your data with email gateway protection.

Email Security Protection

Enhanced security: Email gateway protection uses advanced algorithms and machine learning to identify and block potential threats, such as spam, phishing, and malware. This helps keep your emails and your data safe from cyber attacks.

Email Security Protection

Improved productivity: By blocking unwanted messages, email gateway protection helps you and your employees stay focused and avoid distractions. This can increase productivity and improve overall efficiency.

Email Security Protection
Enhanced compliance: Email gateway protection can help you meet industry and regulatory standards for email security. This can protect your business from fines and other penalties.
Email Security Protection

Easy to use: Most email gateway protection solutions are easy to set up and manage, so you can get up and running quickly without any hassle.

Email Security Protection

Cost-effective: Email gateway protection is often more affordable than other security solutions, and it can help you save money by reducing the risk of data breaches and other security incidents.

Email Security Protection

Peace of mind: With email gateway protection, you can have peace of mind knowing that your emails are secure and your data is safe. This can help you focus on running your business without worrying about cyber threats.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is email protection scalable if I increase or decrease end-users?
Our solutions are completely scalable both from a user aspect and on the protection required. Chat with Ativo about a custom solution for your environment.
Does the service ever go down?

No solution can ever be 100% guaranteed, our solution does ensure a 99.9% uptime guarantee ensuring that business continuity is ensured.

Am I able to back up my email solution?
Ativo has custom backup solutions that are specific to each client. We will be able to custom design a solution per client.
If an email is incorrectly blocked, how do I get this email?
Based on the severity of the email blocked, the end-user will receive a quarantine email asking to release the email, or alternatively contacting our helpdesk support team will allow us to custom release the email.