Network Protection (Firewall)

A firewall is the best way to protect your computer from hackers, spyware, and malware.


A firewall is a software or hardware device that prevents unauthorized access to a network. Firewalls inspect incoming and outgoing network traffic using a set of rules to identify and block threats.

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Network Protection

Next-Generation Firewalls are used to protect your business from these threats. They are widely considered an essential component of network security by eliminating insecure access and attacks from taking place.

Complex traffic problems need deep rules to address them and define traffic policies with unprecedented detail, enforce specific security posture, and isolate sensitive dataflows with our help.

Precise Network Segmentation

Many types of segmentation exist in today’s complex IT environments, with the common objective of partitioning networks into smaller sub-networks or “segments”.

Bank-Level Encryption

Total privacy, compliance, and integrity are key priorities for any business, so we protect our clients and endpoints by providing end-to-end visibility, identity, access management, OS and application-level security

By storing data in the cloud securely reduces the risk of hardware crashing as a result of unstable power supply from load-shedding. Cloud servers have dedicated power systems to ensure guarenteed uptime on services.

Identity-Based Access

We help organizations build and deploy identity-based firewall solutions that automate the determination of how devices, users and services enjoy network access.

Secure Remote Access (VPN)

Users are always on the go, don’t delay productivity by removing access to critical business information from users on the go. Our Next-Generation Firewalls provide secure encrypted remote access tunnels that can be configured for time-based access.

Bandwidth Visibility and Control (VPN)

Internet at a standstill again? Are users hogging all the bandwidth from Social Media? Our Next-Generation Firewalls provide live in-depth granular views of data traffic that is categorised by data type for prioritization of business workflows.

Our bandwidth control function allows you to take control of non-business usage and prevent it from hindering business functionality.

Detailed User reporting

Our Next-Generation Firewalls have built-in web filtering allowing you to keep control of internet usage by drawing reports on what users are doing as well as being able to block users from accessing non-business websites, either by site or category.

Not everyone needs the same rights to internet access?

No problem, we can customise which users have access to different browsing categories. Based on job role or management status.

Will installing a firewall slow down my internet connection?

Certainly not, we configure each firewall through tried and trusted methods to provide a balance of security and performance.

How does the firewall protect my network?

By using a set of configured rules that scan network traffic coming in and out of the computer against a pre-set of rules and against anti-virus databases.

Our Next-Generation Firewall also allows Geo-IP blocking; this means we can custom block specific countries from being able to see or access your network even if you have devices open on the internet such as mail servers or custom-built intranet sites.

The firewall also allows us to custom configure outgoing rules to limit the type of data that is allowed out on your computer preventing any malware that may have infiltrated your network to be blocked from using custom ports going out.

Network Protection
Network Protection