Managed IT support: When should you consider it?

Managed IT support

Outsourcing IT support provides a simple and effective way to ensure all your IT queries and issues are resolved fast so you can focus on what matters – running your business. When should you consider managed IT support?

Managed IT support is the sensible option when you need:

  • A way to deal with IT queries quickly and/or remotely
  • Hardware and network maintenance
  • Antivirus and security management and monitoring
  • Ongoing IT solutions that free managers to focus on other crucial tasks
Let’s unpack instances where outsourcing IT support makes strong business sense:

1.Do you have adequate IT security maintenance?

If your current IT system is reactive rather than proactive, what would you do in the event of a ransomware or hacking incident?

Outsourcing IT support provides a simple way to ensure your software and hardware are patched and your networks are secure, before any security threat arrives.

2. Can you resolve IT queries and issues fast enough?

Downtime is costly to the typical business. Lost sales or unhappy existing customers are some of the possible results of unplanned, unannounced system downtime.

If it takes some time for in-house IT support to get to IT queries and issues, it’s time to outsource IT support to professionals who will provide speedier resolution.

3. Are IT issues consuming non-IT employees’ time?

In many businesses, managers and other company employees end up spending valuable time dealing with IT issues that would be better dealt with by IT-savvy experts.

Managed IT support is worth considering if your business is seeing role creep, with non-IT staff spending time inefficiently on figuring out solutions.

4. Is your business prepared for the unexpected?

Your IT infrastructure might meet your needs today, this week or month, but what about next week/month/year?

Managed IT services include assessment to understand your infrastructure and to recommend the best combination of solutions. A managed service provider can help you create a disaster recovery plan, too, so that in the case of an unexpected disruption, you’re able to restore and access the data and tools that matter.

5. Is the IT expertise you need readily available?

Many businesses (smaller-medium businesses in particular) have their go-to ‘computer guy’ for solving day-to-day IT issues.

Yet what happens if you encounter an IT issue your usual dial-a-solution person can’t fix, or they’re unavailable?

With managed IT support you have the benefit of a team of IT experts contracted to provided services over an agreed period. This ensures service availability and in turn, business continuity.